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Talking of mastectomy bras, it goes without saying that one of the worst things that a woman can undergo is the mastectomy procedure and the post-procedure ordeals. On the one hand it is the physical pain; on the other, it is the mental agony.

After going through the procedure, a woman will have to cope with a very tough time. It takes her a long to accept that she is not a ‘fully’ normal woman. The very icon of her womanhood, her most precious natural asset, the anatomical wealth of a mother – the breast would have been removed because of breast cancer.

After the torment of the procedure, pain and rehab period, she will have to start living a normal life in the society, doing all her regular activities including socializing and fun activities.

However, for today’s woman, fortunately, manufacturers of lingerie world wide are making a variety of mastectomy bras in a wide range of quality, price and trends. Equally good quality and range of prostheses are also available. They are so good that a woman who will have undergone mastectomy can make herself look as normal and attractive as any other normal woman.

The wide variety of mastectomy bras makes it somewhat easy and simple for women to find what they like and want without too much of trouble. This variety includes the regular strapped style to cross back to athletic to strapless bras.

The first thing that a mastectomy-operated woman should do is to shop around for the best fitting prosthesis. Depending on her need, she can choose prosthesis made of silicon, non-silicon (foam) or fiber-fill prosthesis. Usually, the silicon prosthesis is said to be the most comfortable. However, if the woman wants the routine comfort, then she can choose a silicon bra. If she indulges in brisk activities such as exercising etc, she may prefer the foam or fiber fill. However, in terms of feel and looks, silicon prosthesis scores over the other two types.

Once she chooses the prosthesis, she has to shop around for suitable bra – a bra that can safely hold the prosthesis in place, look smooth and good under the outer garment, without showing creases caused by loose folds, or constraining the breasts awkwardly. So this is in fact a meticulous job. This being so, now come to think of a post-procedure woman wanting to get trendy and wear strapless mastectomy bras!

Finding strapless mastectomy bras is much tougher. Very few companies make post-surgical lingerie. Usually a strapless mastectomy bra will have removable shoulder straps, well designed to hold the prosthesis in place. The main difference between the regular bras and mastectomy bras is that the latter is relatively stiffer, deliberately designed so for supporting the prostheses. These bras feature under-wire, reinforced sides, removable shoulder straps, breast-holding pockets, etc.

If you cannot find a strapless mastectomy bra seller through regular modes, you can also explore online stores. One name that is well known for mastectomy lingerie is the Kimberly Ashmand. Another outlet for this is Sylene, which sells the popular material from the American Breast Care.